Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Consultant Sydney

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) is a suite of business applications that allows your business to take full advantage of a range of enterprise level features at a very competitive price. Google Workspace is a form of cloud computing which allows you to host a number of common business tools such as email, documents, shared calendars, websites and more. Google Workspace is flexible in that it can be used as your total business IT solution, or simply used to leverage individual components like hosted email and allow you to continue using your in-house server for file, database and print sharing.

Upon migrating to Google Workspace, you will immediately see the benefits such as higher productivity, reduced risk of data loss & system downtime and true mobility. Migrating to Google Workspace doesn’t mean retraining staff either. With free Microsoft Office plug-ins, you can continue using your Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications that you’re already used to.

By migrating your email and calendaring “to the cloud” we can enable you to take advantage of several “Enterprise level” features, at a fraction of the cost. Some of the Benefits include; remote access to email and calendars from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, Live Synchronisation between your Desktop Email Program and your iPhone / mobile email device, Backup via Google’s several email redundancy servers around the world, Publishing your calendar on the internet to allow others to see when your free to allow them to send a meeting request through without having to go back and forth.


Reduce your IT costs by up to 80%

Google Apps costs significantly less to your business in terms of hardware, licensing, maintenance and other costs that are normally associated with having your own in-house infrastructure. Migrating to Google Apps will significantly reduce your IT overheads too. With business grade SLA’s, you can rely on Google Apps to enhance your business processes AND reduce your IT overheads by more than 80%! These savings can be spent on other areas in your business like marketing and other projects.