Working from home has given companies and staff far greater flexibility, however, did you know that you could be exposing your office network to unsecure home or public networks? With VPN technology, the traffic between the office and the remote computer is generally encrypted, but by establishing a VPN connection it effectively creates a direct path for a virus or hacker to gain access into your network from the external home or public network.

To reduce the risk exposure, here are some basic precautions you can implement:

  • Where possible, ensure that staff members only connect to your network using a work laptop.
  • Ensure that Windows or Mac is completely patched and that automatic updates are enabled.
  • Use IPSec based VPN connections.
  • If using Remote Desktop, don’t expose it directly to the internet.
  • Enable multifactor authentication (Known as MFA or 2FA) for email and any other cloud based app which supports MFA.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Ensure that a real time AntiVirus scanner is in place and that a regular weekly deep scan is scheduled.

The above can protect you against several types of attacks, but for more comprehensive protection, please contact us for more information.