VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has matured into a telephony service that Small Businesses across Australia have been implementing as a cost-cutting means. Generally, when you cut a cost, you cut an advantage. Not true with VoIP. You actually save money, and gain greater benefits and flexibility. Often I hear “If the internet goes down, we have no phones”. If the internet does go down, you can run VoIP over 4G mobile networks very easily. If you don’t have a backup internet service, the hosted VoIP PBX is programmed to divert to your mobile phone automatically. The added benefit is that if your office has a power outage, your traditional phones will not work at all. With VoIP, they simply divert to your mobile automatically.

In addition to greater coverage in power outages, you’ll save between 40% – 70% when comparing to your traditional phone system. Every enterprise level feature you can think of in high end PBX systems, is available on a Small Business hosted VoIP system at a fraction of the cost.

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