Until recently Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have been in a race to secure the early adopters migrating to the cloud. With Google Cloud Platform now offering the Beta release of Microsoft Server 2008 R2 virtual instances, this could be yet another game changer in the “Cloud movement”.

I have commenced a free trial of Google’s new Microsoft platform and can definitely see the potential. Being a Beta release, it shouldn’t yet be considered for production environments at this stage, but for temporary projects, it is just as powerful as Azure and AWS.

Hosted Microsoft Server has so much potential. For example, imagine moving your in-house server to the cloud and using it as a Remote Desktop server. This would not only save you in hardware and maintenance costs, but also electricity, cooling, licensing, backups and unplanned outages. Potentially, all desktop PC’s in your office could be replaced by Thin Clients, with no data on them, only being used as a means to connect to a direct remote connection to the companies server and data. Imagine that your staff could work from anywhere with a remote connection to the Remote Desktop Server (a.k.a. Terminal Server) on the cloud from their smart phone, tablet device, laptop, or thin client at their home.

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